Our Founder JoAnn Fine

As the founder of Top Dog Obedience, JoAnn Fine has helped thousands of dog owners live happier more peaceful lives with their canine companions



JoAnn's Story


I began my work with dogs at a young age.  I have always had one or more dogs that were trained to respect the entire family.  As a child I trained our dogs to carry notes to family members and to perform many tricks. I rescued strays, took them home and cleaned them up.  I taught them to walk on a leash and how to greet people appropriately. If the owners could not be located, my mom and I found new homes for the dogs. 


In 1972 I began showing and grooming dogs. While training for competition I realized how valuable obedience was to control any dog in the conformation ring. After several years it became clear that obedience was really where my interest lay. Obedience training opened the door to a life with dogs and training. I began working one-on-one with owners and their dogs.


In 1975 I bought a boarding kennel in San Jose, Ca. I now had room to teach owners/handlers to train their dogs in a class setting. I moved to Grass Valley in 1986, opened Furry Friends Grooming Salon (Sold in 2010) and continued with my training. I trained at the Obedient Dog for many years.I continued to hold classes at my own home where there was plenty of room and dedicated facilities for training until my retirement in September 2019. I have also been an AKC certified Canine Good Citizen evaluator, and held annual CGC testing here at the property. 



Top Dog Obedience Training - Grass Valley, Ca   

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