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Lori's Story,

    Lori moved to Grass Valley in 1989 to pursue a career that would involve her passion for dogs and horses. She has been involved in the equine community since the day she arrived. Breeding, training and showing Quarter Horses. She started working as a veterinary assistant in 1999 and now manages the office at Sierra Equine in Penn Valley. She has always enjoyed helping animals and the people who love them.

  She has had a lifelong love for dogs and started training with Top Dog in 2016, first as a student then as an assistant trainer. With the instruction, help and advice from the trainers at Top Dog. When she was ready to purchase the business and continue this very successful training program she jumped right in and started her own program. She believes that you never stop learning and is will always  continue her education whenever there is an opportunity. She has made changes to the old program that includes the use of food reward and starting all dogs in a martingale training collar. I love passing on what I know to help people and their dogs.

   She has successfully competed in Rally Obedience with her dog Arlo. She is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and an AKC Farm Dog Certification Judge.

    She will be holding annual CGC tests at the Top Dog facility in Grass Valley

    Stay tuned for information on our Farm Dog Certification events.

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