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New Classes!

We are excited to announce our new courses! 

Short Courses

3 Day Whistle Recall

Teach your dog to "come" using a whistle.

This 3 day course will teach you how to attain a successful whistle recall

(open to all Top Dog students only)

3 day Pre Basic

This short course is for students who missed out on a current basic course and need guidance while waiting for the next course to begin

Advanced Whistle Recall

In this 3 day course we will be challenging the dogs and their handlers to more intense distractions and out of sight recalls

New! Discount for Shelter Dogs
This discount is for dogs and puppies that have been adopted from Sammie's Friends, Grass Valley Animal Shelter or the Placer County shelter in Auburn. Top Dog will also donate $10 to the shelter that the dog or puppy came from. Proof of adoption required. 

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